Energy, Nature and Reflexology

I’ve been thinking a lot about energy lately, how it is all around us, how it flows all through nature and how these ideas relate to Reflexology. This is a summary of what my brain has been picking apart lately!

As living creatures on the Earth, we are reliant on the planet for our survival and are affected by its power; the sun, tide, weather – we know they all impact our moods. With this understanding of the Earth’s natural power and our reliance on what the Earth provides, it is obvious to me that by exposing ourselves more to nature in place of concrete and technlogy,  we can greatly improve the quality of our lives, without medication.

We are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons and are a mass of fluids, loosely held together with tissue while our atoms bounce around inside us doing their thing in specific systems. By being aware that these processes and systems inside our bodies can get muddled, sick or out of balance, we begin to realise that we have the ability to help ourselves to heal without medication. This has got to be basic physics.

Holistic Therapies has been used across many cultures for many centuries, and I believe it would be arrogant to ignore its benefits. Reflexology is the practice of massaging and manipulating the hands or feet in specific ways to encourage relaxation, the clearing of blockages, and stimulate the body’s energy & systems towards balance, thus enabling reduced stress and improved healing.

Obviously if you sit at your computer for 8hours prior to a treatment, eat a McDonalds on the way, dwell on something stressful during the treatment, and drink half a bottle of wine afterwards then your body and mind will have some difficulty dealing with the stagnation and toxins. However, with a little self-awareness and self-care alongside Reflexology, I know it works.

Reflexology is non-invasive and recognises the person as a whole, aware that overall well-being includes physical and emotional health. By providing relaxation the muscle tension will be released thus reducing pain, stress and enabling the circulatory system to work more effectively. Physically, by assisting the immune and lymphatic systems, the body is better able to fight infection, pollutants and enable detox. And lets face it, a wonderful foot massage in itself can help sooth us, encourage circulation to the feet and improve our mood.

The Human Body is a wonderfully complex machine full of interconnected systems, pathways and organisms working together. Lets celebrate our wonderful bodies and help them to help us by embracing our spiritual, physical and psychological well-being,

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