Inner Peace at The Eden Project

As a holistic therapist, and a human being, I am continually inspired by the natural world around us. The Eden Project has been on my list of places to visit for a very long time, and when I finally made it, I found the experience to be humbling & serene. The variety of species and the success of nature being recreated in its purest form is both breathtaking and extraordinary. It was as if I had escaped from all that I recognise our towns and cities to have become; I felt so far removed from the pollution and toxicity of this thing we call progress that suffocates our everyday lives. 

Our world is so vast, complex and diverse, I think it would be naive of anyone to claim there is nothing beautiful about what Mother Nature has provided. Wandering round the biospheres, stunningly landscapes and carefully crafted gardens, I felt more than a little sad that we are blindly, arrogantly, destroying the delicate balance of our ecosystem….

The natural methods of sustainability and the sensitive interactions of plant life, insects, native people and larger animals are being systematically destroyed for shallow desires and quick wins. The Eden Project provides a snapshot of what we are losing every day around the world. In here, we are slapped in the face by the contrast of what our species is doing to the world outside.

To me, The Eden Project is an amazing & inspirational story of a group of idealists with a vision who went on to create a complex synergy of science & nature. To me, it is vital that everyone visit The Eden Project, even if just to see a glimpse of how small the human ego is in comparison to what science and nature offers us.


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