The Power of Positivity

On 14th September 2000, my wonderful friend & housemate at the time bought me a ‘happy book’. A diary to keep track of the positives. As life goes on & sometimes the world seems to run away with us, I’ve finally got into a routine of keeping a Positive Diary. At least 3 things a day: Sometimes I note what made me smile, or something I accomplished, or a positive thing someone said or done for me, or a reminder to myself of something I am good at, or something healthy that my body will thank me for, or something that I’m proud I did. I always try to have at least 1 note about personal life & 1 relating to work. It’s a tough habit to get into, but it really does help calm my mind before sleep. Take care all, be kind to yourselves & remember that you are loved X X img_3899

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