The poison inside us all

I discussed with a colleague recently that we tend to lean towards being good with technology, or good with people, I think it used to be recognised as the ‘sciences’ or the ‘arts’ in school language. As holistic therapists, we often fall into the latter category. Myself for example: I can relate to people, I can write with creativity and flair, I recognise the beauty in nature…. But technology and science do not come naturally to me, and somewhere, I developed a mental block, and a real resistance to them.

Having been a sportswoman and studied sports since I was 14, then working with teenagers where understanding hormones and growth helped me as a professional, I had a good basis to train for, and pass, my anatomy and physiology exams for Reflexology. It wasn’t easy, and it scared me, but I achieved. Human biology and it’s relationship to chemistry fascinates me as I strive to better understand how our bodies work in the 21st century environment, how our bodies react to the chemicals in our foods, and the natural changes that occur within us as we age. Human physiology is a complex blend of interdisciplinary sciences, so while it doesn’t come naturally to me, by starting at the point of human imbalances, disease and weakness, I am able to make sense of it.

I think this is how we need to look at life. As Eunice Ingham (mother of Reflexology) believed, the power of our mind can limit the ability of our bodies and soul. Through a deeper understanding of a wholistic approach to life, I am learning to remove my own self-limiting beliefs, I am deciding to persevere with the physiology and science, I am no longer buying into the lessons we were taught as little girls.

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